Tidy Tuesday I have seen some cool graphs on twitter created for Tidy Tuesday. I wanted to join in on the fun so I downloaded the data from week 3 and started playinh. The data are from our world in data and I downloaded the data file from github. mortality <- readxl::read_excel(here::here("global_mortality.xlsx")) glimpse(mortality) ## Observations: 6,156 ## Variables: 35 ## $ country <chr> "Afghanistan", "Afg... ## $ country_code <chr> "AFG", "AFG", "AFG".

Emma Vestesson

I love all things R and data. I’m a senior data analyst at the Health Foundation and a part-time PhD at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. I am also an RStudio Certified Instructor in the tidyverse. This is where I share some of my coding projects - some more useful than others!

Senior Data analyst